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Titan Studio

The Studio is Located at Calleva business park in Aldermaston next to Tadley Berkshire.  It consists of Large studio area with a 17ft x 9.5ft dedicated white shooting area.

The studio is fully equipped with professional equipment and a large white infinity curve to allow large group/subject photography on a white background.  There is also a 5 roll backdrop system which holds different colours for different effects and adds more to your photo shoot.

There are also a number of printed style vinyl backdrops along with laminated flooring, these are great for newborn, babies and toddler shoots.

The studio has two areas with wallpaper on the wall to get a different look with the older models.

The studio is Child-friendly with all flashes mounted to the wall boom arms minimising the risk of any accidents as well as keeping all cables tight against the wall

There is an onsite kitchen and bathroom facilities inc a private changing/makeup area

Studio Equipment


infinity curve

The main shooting area is 17ft x 9.5ft with a solid white wall and floor.  Making this a great platform to shooting high key with ease.


Roller backdrop systems

There is 2 shooting areas with a Roller Backdrop system one holding 5 and the other holding 3 colorama 2.7m rolls. 


Magnetic wall

A dedicated 12.5ft x 8.5ft magnectic wall.  Perfect for hanging all material backdrops with ease.


Studio Strobes

All professional 600w and 300w high speed lencarta strobes.


light modifiers

Many light modifiers from 150cm, 120cm, 90cm octabox. 2 softboxes 4 stripboxes, 70cm and 49cm beauty dishes with all grids, umbrellas, barn door snoots and much more.


Material and vinyl backdrops

A number of material and vinyl backdrops available to use in many different designs.  Perfect to hang on the magnectic wall.


Triggers and light meters

I have triggers that work on most cameras to fire the flashes, however i also have the old cable connections if needed.  A light meter is also to hand if wanting to really control and meter the power of light.



Props are great to use in photo sessions and within the studio there are many. 

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An excellent space to work in good size and height, clean and comfortable. Well equipped with a range of lights and modifiers, everything worked (unlike a couple of studios I’ve used).

This studio will be added to my list of definite options for the Reading locale. Especially with Dan looking at improving and adding more to the equipment list, the only things I mentioned are already on order.  Thanks Dan

My first time in this excellent studio but it won’t be my last. I really liked the studio, its clean, modern and has great lighting and back drops. Dan is clearly an accomplished photographer so help is always on hand if needed, but in my case I was happy to be left to my own devices and Dan did just that. I had an excellent and productive shoot and I’m sure I’ll be booking into this studio again soon! Thanks Dan!

First time shooting at Dan’s studio and it turned out to be a great session. Brought my own model(s) and Dan just let us crack on with our program. Very relaxed atmosphere and great studio with everything you need. Will definitely come again.

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