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Models are professionals, they have worked hard to achieve a career in a very competitive business and they want to do a good job for you. They have invested time and money ensuring they look their very best, and building a collection of outfits that most of us would envy.

They have years of experience in posing. A professional model is comfortable in front of the camera, they will be used to following direction from the photographer, or posing with very little direction as they have done it for years.  This allows photographers who are new to studio or are not comfortable in posing and directing the model to be able to achieve stunning results.

Model List

Jessica Maria

I am happy to work with photographers with any experience level!

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Website for more of my work: Jessica Maria

Georgia Brown

Modelling has been a passion of mine for four years and have worked with lots of amazing brands and photographers.

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I am a professional model with over 9 years experience, modelling in many countries of the world.

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I have huge experience in all kinds of fashion modelling and participated in lots of catwalks and fashion shows

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I treat modeling as passion and job, feel free to give some ideas about shootings and lets make some magic photos together!

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I love to create and shoot many different styles from beauty, commercial, fashion, editorial to portraits.

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I’m an extremely healthy, fit and outdoorsy person who loves doing new things every day.

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I’m very creative and often have my own ideas whilst being bubbly, energetic, chatty and driven.

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Saffron Whyton

I have been modelling for over 4 years, done many styles of photoshoots, catwalks, beauty pageants and mentoring for other new models

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My enthusiasm and passion for my work is something that shouldn’t go a miss! I absolutely love modelling and promotional work

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Upside Down Rose

I am very creative with my movement in front of the camera, I want to be a part of creating beautiful art work that we are both proud of.

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Anna C

I am very versatile and comfortably including Fashion, Runway, Swimwear & Lingerie, Commercial, Fitness, Glamour and Promotional

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I am a professional and published agency signed model, dancer and actress.

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Daisy Bright

I specalise in beauty, fashion and artistic modelling. I have been involved in many artistic projects.

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Without sounding terribly scripted, I am a hardworking, enthusiastic and down-to-earth full-time model

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Sam Dunning

I consider myself to be an extremely professional and experienced commercial and fashion model.

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