Take your photography to the next level at Dan Newberry Photography studio in Thatcham

Hear the secrets of studio lighting,  How we can create the wow image just by moving the light and using the right equipment, pick up tips on posing models, and learn how to put your portrait subjects at ease quickly and confidently.  All this is done on a 1:1 basic so you get to ask all the questions.  However if you want to learn in a group (friends/photography buddies) that is fine and can be arranged.

Practical learning

During our studio training you set up and use the equipment yourself and not just watch the me.  I am there to help and explain what happens and how we can improve things,  This way it is full on the job training and you will learn a lot more.

Features of our photography studio training:

    • learn the secrets of portrait and product photography
    • 100% studio-based learning – no boring pen and paper and listen to me
    • high quality training with a good understanding of studio lighting
    • 900sq feet studio with a large amount of professional equipment
    • high key and low key lighting environments
    • refreshments available throughout the training session
    • Each lesson is adapted to you in the way of learning
    • Allowing you to ask questions as we are photographing and not watching
    • Build you confidence in the studio as you learn to understand
    • 1:1 so all personalized advise to help you develop quiker
    • parking directly outside the studio
    • just bring your DSLR camera – we provide everything else
    • choice of dates to fit your schedule

Create studio images you’ll be really proud of.

To book or enquire about your photographic studio training course, please email: or call: 0791 222 8576

Thanks Dan