The Studio is Located at Calleva business park in Aldermaston next to Tadley Berkshire  .  It consists of Large studio area with a 17ft x 9.5ft dedicated white shooting area.

The studio is fully equipped with professional equipment and a large white infinity curve to allow large group/subject photography on a white background.  There is also a 5 roll backdrop system which holds different colours for different effects and adds more to your photo shoot.

There are also a number of printed style vinyl backdrops along with laminated flooring, these are great for newborn, babies and toddler shoots.

The studio has two areas with wallpaper on the wall to get a different look with the older models.

The studio is Child-friendly with all flashes mounted to the wall boom arms minimising the risk of any accidents as well as keeping all cables tight against the wall

There is an onsite kitchen and barthroom facilities inc a private changing/makeup area


The studio is equipped with the the following items

A full 9ft high white infinity curve complete with a 5 roll heavy duty mounted backdrop system.  Many different patterned vinyl backdrops.

  • Large 9.5ft high, 17ft sq floor Infinity white Curve
  • 5 vinyl/paper heavy duty wall mounted back ground system
  • Many Different pattern 5ft x 5ft vinyl back drops (great for newborn, Babies and toddlers)
  • Different style flooring
  • Many Different colour paper backdrops at 2.7m wide (please ask for colours as can order new in)
  • 6x 300ws flash lights with 250w modeling bulb
  • 2x 600ws external power flash light (also suitable for outdoors)
  • 4x wall mounted boom arms
  • 8x light stands
  • 7ft x 6ft lastolite hilite with train
  • Light meter and triggers
  • fans, wind blower and heaters
  • 1x portable heavy duty backdrop stand
  • 120cm large octabox with honeycomb
  • 150cm large octabox with honeycombe
  • 100 x 80cm softbox with honeycomb
  • 2x 200 x 40cm stripbox with honeycomb
  • 120 x 30 stripbox with honeycomb
  • 70cm beauty dish with grid
  • 49cm beauty dish with grid
  • Barn doors with gels
  • snoot with grid
  • 20 degrees grid for standard reflector
  • 30 degrees grid for standard reflector
  • Many light reflector various sizes
  • standard reflectors white,silver, gold and shot through.
  • 1x beanbag support setup (used for newborns)
  • many many props, blankets and furs

I am always buying new equipment for the studio so please ask if you need something that is not listed.

Training:  I am offering training in the studio whether just starting and want to learn more about your camera or being that more advance looking to benefit from lighting techniques the studio has equipment and space to cater for both and more.

Rental:  If you are looking for a studio to shoot in please feel free to contact me for further information

College and camera clubs welcome and a very good price.

I am always buying new equipment for the studio so please ask if you need something that is not listed.