A Newborn baby is a wonderful and precious joy to the you and your family.  This is a great opportunity to celebrate and capture an important milestone in your baby’s life. I like to create a calm, warm and peaceful environment during our time together, this allows your baby to feel secure and settle gracefully into poses.


Things to know before your sitting:

Please try to arrange to feed the baby on arrival (separate room available), this should settle the baby for the shoot.  If possible, please dress the baby in something that is not too tight around the head, so that clothes can be removed with as little stress as possible.  The studio will be very warm as most of the time the baby will be unclothed to capture the sleepy, curly, squishy poses so please come dressed with this in mind.  There will be background white noise playing to help soothe the baby.

Photographing your baby is best done before the first 10 days to capture the sleepy, cute and squishy photos.  Even though photographing your baby is special at any time to keep the safety of the baby in most prop shoots I do recommend this is done before 14 days.  Also, after this time, the baby is less likely to settle in the same manner for the cute curly poses.

The sitting can take anything between 2-4 hours to make sure we capture all the cute and beautiful images.  These sessions are never timed so we create a relax environment for all.


What to Bring:

Extra Bottles and Milk:  Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding milk is an important part of the photo shoot.  Firstly, it helps settle the baby as they tend to get hungrier during the session as well as being their hydration due to the room being very warm.  At the same time please feel free to bring your own food and drink.

Dummy:  I advise to bring a dummy to the session to calm and soothe baby whilst posing.  The small amount of time this is use shouldn’t affect any habit forming behaviours but can gain on keeping the baby settles in between posing/handling.

Props:  As you have probably seen I have many props within in the studio for you to choose.  However sometimes adding that special teddy or blanket makes your photo that little bit more personal and special.  If there is a hobby, sport, job or other interests please feel free to bring and personalise your photos.  I do ask that you let me know beforehand so I can think of how I can input them into the shoot.

Clothing:  Most of the photos of your baby will be unclothed to capture the tiny feathers of your newborn.


Newborn photography is definitely an art and one that I as a photographer have put a lot of time, money and training into.  This is to assure you that I’m fully committed in the safety of your newborn whilst getting the most wonderful and precious images that will last for a lifetime.  Please take a look at my newborn portfolio to see some of the images from previous newborn sessions.